Nyangumarta Highway (Kidson Track) Travel Permit


General Conditions Applying to this Permit

Please download and read the Nyangumarta Highway (Kidson Track) Permit Brochure

  1. This Permit is valid only for the purpose and dates specified and for one vehicle.
  2. You must carry this Permit in your vehicle at all times while travelling on the Nyangumarta Highway, which is also known as the Kidson Track and Wapet Rd (the Track).
  3. Individuals entering Nyangumarta land must take all due precautions and exercise appropriate safety measures, bearing in mind the risks associated with travelling in remote, arid areas and the nature of the landscape.
  4. The Permit allows you to drive, camp and undertake tourism related activities at designated areas along the Track.
  5. The Permit also allows access to “Nabaru Rose’s Track” (also known as Nikolay Road). Access to the airstrip at the end of Nabaru Rose’s Track is permitted for emergency purposes only.
  6. You are permitted access to Djimakarra Soak as a daytime camping spot/rest area but overnight camping is prohibited.
  7. Departure from the Track or other areas listed above is not permitted, unless you have specific permission from the Nyangumarta Warrarn Aboriginal Corporation to do so.
  8. Certain stretches of the Track are designated no stopping areas and you are required to drive straight through these areas without stopping. No stopping areas are marked on the map in your brochure including with your permit.
  9. You are required to adhere to Four Wheel Drive Australia’s Codes of Conduct for Off Road Driving and Camping.
  10. If you are visiting an Aboriginal community, the issue of this Permit does not imply that the Traditional Owners/Community members have been advised of your intended visit.
  11. You must observe all Western Australian laws, including Aboriginal Community by-laws if applicable.
  12. You must not undertake any mining or prospecting (including fossicking) within the Nyangumarta Determination area unless you have a specific lease or licence to do so.
  13. You must not access any areas where mining, oil or gas equipment (including well heads) is present. Interference with such equipment is dangerous and may cause life threatening injury.
  14. Do not remove any Aboriginal art, sacred objects or artefacts from Nyangumarta land, unless you have written permission from an approved agency.
  15. Refrain from photographing community areas and residents within the Nyangumarta Determination area, unless you have the prior approval of the resident community.
  16. Use of firearms on or about the Track is prohibited.
  17. Hunting on or about the Track is prohibited, unless you have appropriate written approval.
  18. Littering on or about the Track is prohibited. All waste must be burnt or carried out.
  19. You must have a four wheel drive vehicle. Use of a two wheel drive vehicle or motorbikes is prohibited. Persons seeking to access the Track on foot, using a bicycle, on horseback or with camels, or any other such means of transport that is not a four wheel drive vehicle must apply directly in writing to Nyangumarta Warrarn Aboriginal Corporation and access will be considered on a case by case basis.
  20. Permit holders acknowledge and agree that they and their passengers access Nyangumarta land and use the Track entirely at their own risk, and that the Nyangumarta Warrarn Aboriginal Corporation, 4WD Australia and the Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation make no representations as to the condition of the Track and are not liable in any manner for any loss, damage, cost, expense or injury to person or property of any kind, however caused, resulting from the use of the Track.
  21. There are specific areas where local mining companies will ask vehicles to call up their position for safety reasons. (Signs on the side of the track provide information explaining this) At the beginning of the track there is a sign that states what UHF channel to tune to and explains the reason for call ups.
  22. Parts of this track may be rutted/washed out due to weather conditions and caution should be maintained at all times, for this reason it is not advised to tow a trailer/caravan on this track.

Nyangumarta Highway (Kidson Track) Permit Brochure


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